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GOAL Building long term customer and employee relations and showing clients how easy and fun technology can be.

Enthusiastic Senior Customer Success Manager with a 9-year track record of transforming the customer experience while handling technology programs, allocating resources, and maximizing sales performance. Demonstrated history of taking charge of product management, navigating digital solutions, and engaging with partners and stakeholders using strong team collaboration abilities. Successfully pioneered 15 award-winning restaurants in Europe and U.S.

A friend, husband and devoted uncle.


Harri LLC

Senior Customer Success manager

Amazon Services

Customer Service Representative

Street Guys Hospitality, Washington DC, USA

Talent acquisition and training manager

Previously: Manager at Ambar Clarendon

Street Guys Hospitality, Belgrade, Serbia

General Manager at Ambar Belgrade

Managing Director at Burrito Madre

Manager at Toro Latin Gastro Bar

Grand Casino, Belgrade Serbia

Olympic Committee Of Serbia, Belgrade Serbia

Tour guide, Greece

Hotel Mecavnik, Mokra Gora Serbia



New York City is the home! Being outside on the most vibrant streets in the world with my iPhone ready to capture the most breathtaking shots is a weekly routine and a way to connect with this place. You check out my gallery in the media section here: @TheStoriesOfNewYork



Cooking well doesn't mean cooking expensive and complex dishes. It's all about learning about the people and someone's culture. By getting to know different flavors of one nation you learn the way how they grew up, what were their habits, and what made them what they are. That's why I love cooking!

Coding, Web and app development

I was always interested in how the back end of ​the technology that we use every day works. I am learning about HTML, X Code, and Swift.

Personal blog/writing

How do you make sure that memories created in the best city in the world stay safe forever? My way is to write the blog. Check out The Stories of New York to learn about my perspective of the city.



Customer Success Management

SAAS / Business to Business (B2B) 

 Customer Relationship Management

Product Training 

 Employee Motivation & Mentoring 

 Business Development  

Sales Presentations

 HR and hiring

SOP Development

Strategic Planning

Public Speaking

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The past decade of my career has been an exciting one, highly customer service and employee development-oriented. I started my growth in the restaurant industry, which was only fitting, seeing how all my life I’ve been fascinated by great customer service – how mastering communication affects the experience people feel. In the end, people most remember how you made them feel.


My love for customer care started in early childhood. Just remembering the revel on any occasion when the family home was expecting guests, all the preparation, waiting for them to arrive and the vibe that always filled the house. That childish excitement just kept growing and maturing throughout the years, inevitably leading me to the Tourism and Hospitality College in Belgrade, Serbia, where I studied under some of the leading experts of the industry.

And yes, to this day I stay motivated by people and their beautiful differences.

These days

The latest chapter of my career was a dream come true. In early 2020. I joined a SAAS company that open the doors to the latest and leading-edge technology in employee management by utilizing technology. In the role of Customer Success Manager, I get to help restaurant managers on their way to digital transformation. I teach them how technology and great apps can improve the experience for their employees and raise their productivity and bring them closer together in serving their customers.

Early beginnings

After graduating and working as a tour guide, the next big step was an opportunity to work in the hospitality industry. I was hired young at the company – Street Guys Hospitality, a restaurant group covering two continents and more than a dozen restaurants. The first three years of my new career saw fast-paced progress in management and let me open seven restaurants in Belgrade. In 2016 the company offered me relocation to the United States and further opening eight new restaurants here. 

Always embrace the change

My firm belief is that every person should embrace the change to improve habits, knowledge, and relations. The project that I am exceptionally proud of came to life by combining my two big passions: technology and organized systems. I took the initiative and pioneered the digitalization of processes within the company that was still bound to paper. The first step was implementing a full web-based hiring process, from managing candidate applications to electronic on-boarding. The other half of the project was utilizing tablets to cover all training, checklists, and reporting for new employees, including full real-time access up the management ladder. It became a great success within the company and an even dearer one on a personal level.

I’m proud to say that the concepts I helped develop had massive success. Here are some of them: getting the Balkan cuisine into Michelin guide (first time in the 117 years of the guide); the prestigious RAMMY award for Best Service Program in 2019 (this was a truly personal success as the Service Director, gained by the training procedures I created); Best of Arlington; Best of Northern Virginia.

To conclude

There you have it – my whole career-oriented to providing an amazing experience. And my go-to tool in making this happen was telling stories. I consider my greatest skill to be knowing how to strongly motivate people and transfer knowledge to others with great ease.

Next step? Utilizing all the knowledge and experience and the opportunity of a whole new market in the USA bringing my future home company and myself to the next level. Now that’s going to be a great story to tell.

© 2022 by Jovan Prvulovic

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